because Covid-19 safety rules and the conseguent restrictions about spaces and tables, we can receive you only upon reservation:
please check our BOOKING & CONTACT page
starting from Aug. 6th for the internal restaurant rooms the Green Pass will be requested by law

Covid-19 We thank you for your help to avoid spreading.

  1. By law- and for our security- we shall take your body temperature from distance. Please accept with a smile.
  2. Your table, your chairs, the restrooms and all our spaces and systems are regularly sanitized: please use the products available for your hands to keep them safe for you and for all.
  3. We have settled our tables to be at least 1 meter from the other guests: please respect this distance during all your stay.
  4. Surely we don’t want you to wear your mask while enjoying your meal ( 🤪  ), but for respect and safety of yourself and of the other guests, please wear it whenever you get up from your table.
  5. This is a new situation also for us: we apply legal rules and all our common sense but in case you see any lack please do not hesitate to let us know so we can repair immediately!

our Carte

starts with "Towards a Sustainable Sustenance: a manifesto"

We all have seen how Nature, having a short break, has regenerated itself: lear water and pure air, animals in the town, etc.
And this could also be the same for our body.

Eating is an act of necessary respect for ourselves, as essential as breathing.

Choosing to do it while respecting our habitat's balance is a sign of even deeper love to ourselves as beings harmoniously integrated into the world we're living in, as naturally as pure and fresh air becoming part of us while breathing.

The Restaurateur shall then embroider into a balanced nutritional aesthethic the strong connection between humans and their environment, carefully weaving a unique thread of deep respect and accurate balance between seasons'products and their cost.

Our Guests will enjoy the same wonder experienced by the Chef at the day's market: a supreme acknowledgment of the flow of life on the plate shaped into an always unexpected amazement.

our menus

Due to the various preparation times, we kindly ask to our Guests to choose the surprise tasting menus for all the table - at lunch time not after 1.45pm / at dinner not after 9.20pm - sorry but we don't have a Vegetarian or Vegan proposal

Small Market

let yourself be surprised by a small but substantial interpretation of the daily market
by our Chef
8 courses


prices for each Guest , including water and cover

get a taste of the market
for a small appetite you can choose from the daily menu here below
2 courses  70,00€
3 courses  90,00€

prices for each Guest, including water and cover charge

dish shared for two +5,00€

to eat is a fundamental act of life.  a respectful choice of food, presented in an aesthetically pleasing way, can simply help us to be better day after day

Osti in Orto

Here you are, breathing the reflects in the Lagoon of all the wonders that, during the centuries, the Ancient built.
With a small group of Restaurant owners we decided to grow vegetables and fruits in Sant Erasmo, the island that has always nourished Venice, to give to our Guests the Flavors of the Lagoon,

beyond the organic.

the daily menu

  • -
  • wild sea bass tartare, oyster emulsion * **

4, 9, 10, 14

  • quite a raw beef tartare, lightly seasoned

1, 3, 7, 10

  • "plin" of prawns, and the "busara" * **

1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 12  pasta with prawns, lightly spicey sauce

  • robiola and salty lemon risotto with roast stock

7, 9, 12 robiola is a soft goat cheese 

  • the croacker fish fillet, and the celeriac * **

4, 7, 9, 12 

  • the braised cheeck

1, 3, 7, 9, 10, 12 beef

  • selection of cheeses from the asiago plateau

7 : if extra dish 22,00€

  • fennel sorbet, liquorice

if extra dish 20,00€

  • cold and hot, with a spicy crumble

1, 3, 7, 8 : ice cream and hot milk foam, crumble : if extra dish 20,00€

  • this is not a snickers

1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 : bisquit, chocolate ganache, caramel and peneauts : if extra dish 20,00€

lista allergeni / liste allergens / allergens list

1- glutine/gluten/ 2-crostacei/crustacés/crustacean 3-uova/oeufs/egg 4-pesce/poisson/fish

5-arachidi/arachides/peanuts 6-soia/soja/soy 7-lattosio/lactose/ 8-frutta a guscio/fruits à coques/nuts in shell

9- sedano/celery/celeriac 10-senape/moutarde/mustard 11-semi di sesame 12-solfiti/sulfites/ 13-lupini/lupin/lupins


our menu is subject to change, depending on the availability of the ingredients
* for food safety reasons, ours fishes and/or sea food, raw and/or marinated, are treated according to the italian law
** i prodotti ittici freschi, provenienti dalle zone FAO 27, 34, 37, 41-branzini, orate, rombi, ombrine, lecce, calamari, dentici, gallinella (triglia), seppie,
scorfani, pesce spada, tonno, ricciola, merluzzo, salmone, ostriche, fasolari, capesante, capelonghe, gamberi, canestrelli ecc.- sono lavorati,
condizionati e trattati con abbattitura della temperatura in loco per la conservazione secondo le prescrizioni del reg. 853 allegato III, sez. VII, capitolo
3 lettera a D punto 3.
please ask to the Waiter to know the available fish origin and typology


  • caffé


  • thé, tea
darjeeling, nero himalaya – earl grey, nero ceylon aromatizzato – gunpowder, verde – mint gunpowder – japan sencha, verde giappone – china white, bianco fujian – 6,00€
  • tisane, herbal tea


  • succhi di frutta, bibite, sode, fruit juices, sodas

organic cola, lemonade, orange, red orange, grenade, apple juice,  williams pear juice, 8,00€/10,00€

  • vini al calice 10cl - wines by the glass 10cl


  • massimo lunardon "Riviera" glass (x2)