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Massimo Lunardon

I asked Massimo for a glass which would hold water without taking away its freedom, to be able to have it alive on the tables of the Riviera.

A form which could leave it free, as water knows how to be, slipping through our Free forms which could keep it alive, as when it dancingly reflects from the waterways upon the walls of the City.
Massimo has caught several of these forms, and we have chosen two.

I asked Massimo for a glass which would hold water.

He has given me space, a pathway to the soul.

Between the fingers

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foto per Cristiano Bendinelli ridotta

Cristiano Bendinelli

This project was born from the need to relate the improper use we make of our planet. Regardless of what 'that surrounds us, we continue in the destruction of flora and fauna that should instead accompany our lives. Photographing a series of extinct birds I wanted to document what we have lost, their beauty and their role among us. Documenting the species and their last sighting. Through this work you can get to touch drowsy consciences, distracted by passage of time, documenting where we come to be ready to deal with where we're going
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Micheluzzi Glass

Micheluzzi Glass is a collection of handmade glass designed by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi. Daughters of Venetian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi, the two sisters are continuing the family tradition by developing a new line focused on glass homeware.
The fascination with their father’s work and the strong bond with their native city, Venice, inspired the two sisters to experiment first hand with this ancient craftsmanship and its infinite creative possibilities.
Each piece in the collection is unique, hand blown in Murano in collaboration with skilled artisans and finished with techniques that transform the surface and the perception of glass.
All differing in colour, shape, size and finish, vases and glasses are conceived as decorative objects which can be mixed and matched in multiple variations and serve as vessels in diverse settings.
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Marcello Chiarenza

In my work I feel the space strong actraction and charm,
the orientals can say the vacuum,
that ocean of possibilities,
the place without boundaries where the every things intimate voices waft...
The space,
that world of visions that must spring out of appearance,
unstoppable breath of reality...
that reality that passing by the form of his specific body,
pulsates with an energy coming from the neverending intimate abyss
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Light Design: Fabrice Kebour

With more than 200 productions to his credit, and over 25 years of experience, Fabrice Kebour has become one of Europe’s leading lighting designer.
His career began in New York where he developed his skills designing numerous productions as well as assisting established professionals.
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Arsine Nazarian

... to find in the functional object so impoverished often by the habit of use, the possibility of new stimulations ... And the thought that is expressed in its becoming manual ...
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